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The following services are available by appointment.
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Spa Hydrotherapy is a luxurious bath that utilizes Far Infrared Heating, Ozone in the form of ambient air, Natural Ultrasound and Negative Ions. This helps to unbuckle toxins and pollutants within the body and release them into the circulation. This treatment supports deep cleansing, beauty and body contouring, the equivalent of a full body massage as well as internal warming the body to detoxify the tissues.

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy - A multidimensional technique specifically developed for the dynamic integration of the body structure to remove pain and dysfunctional physiological conditions by restoring the structural integrity of the body.

Colon Health

Colon Care - Powerful resources for maximizing the health of your G.I. tract as well as alternative treatments to assist in overcoming an array of digestive disorders.

Colon Reflorastation Therapy - Learn about this amazing therapy to restore the colon's natural flora. This treatment is designed so that the body's elimination system, when properly maintained is more capable of healing itself and supporting the body in its daily functions.

FootZone Therapy

FootZone Therapy - A powerful technique that uses the ten meridians within the body to activate the body's defense systems.

Lymphatic Detox Therapy

Lymphatic Detoxification Therapy The lymph and lymphatic organs are connected with the extra cellular fluid and takes care of nutrition to the cells and the removal of wastes from them. Lymphatic drainage therapy can accelerate the movement of lymph, thus helping the cleansing of the system.

Pain Relief

Amazing Pain Relief Techniques - Several amazing pain relieving techniques that are available by appointment.