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Lymphatic Detoxification Therapy

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Lymphatic Drainage

While the circulatory system has the heart as a pump to move our blood throughout our body the lymph system is dependent on our muscle movement to move lymph from around our cells through a series of vessels with one way valves to the two main thoracic lymph ducts where lymph is filtered and circulated to the heart or the kidneys for excretion. Lymphatic drainage therapy can accelerate the movement of lymph, thus helping the cleansing of the system.

In a diseased or stressed state lymphatic fluid has a tendency to “gel” and become very difficult to move. However, with our application of the correct amount and type of photo-illuminessence electronic stimulation, the lymph remains liquid and moves more easily though the system.

There are three pieces of equipment used in the electronically assisted treatment. The first is a “far infrared heat lamp” which in my clinical experience heats the body from the inside where sweating begins quickly and detoxification is increased. It also activates the cells, supports the metabolic process and decouples toxins from water molecules.

The second is a multi-wave oscillating light bulb which is attracted to the water of the body. Since we are 70+ % water, it has an effect at the cellular level. These frequencies cleanse the lymphatic tissues by assisting in to the liquification and dissolution of fat thereby releasing fat soluble toxins into the system where they can be moved through the lymphatic vessels and eliminated by the kidneys. Additionally, these frequencies have shown the ability to soften scar tissue and adhesions.
The third is a frequency generator called an EAC. The most common frequency used in lymphatic drainage is 880 hertz, which moves toxins out of the interstitial fluid (the fluid between the cells).

By combining these three, an effective method of releasing toxins for elimination can be achieved. Lymphatic stasis, edema, and congestion can be relieved, thereby setting up an opportunity for the body to regain greater immune function.

Treatment Guidelines

On the day of your treatment, it is important to follow a diet of plenty of fresh vegetables, fruits and grains. Eggs and white fish are acceptable protein sources, however animal proteins and refined foods should be reduced or avoided if possible.
One bowel reflorastation treatment (rectal introduction of probiotic flora) will reduce the possibility of detoxification reactions (flu like symptoms) from the lymphatic treatment. The charge is $35. This can be administered just prior to beginning the lymphatic drainage. For those individuals with constipation or a lethargic bowel, consider one colon irrigation with the reflorastation prior to beginning lymph drainage.

Following each treatment it is important to drink extra water and take a bath with Epsom salt added to the water. Soak for 5 - 20 minutes. This should decrease any detoxification symptoms.

Further instructions and suggestions will be given at the completion of your treatment.

Who Can This Treatment Help?

Functional disturbances of the lymphatic system are found in chronic metabolic disorders such as obesity, chronic pain syndromes, and accelerated molecular and tissue aging. These multi system disorders reflect congestion of the lymphatic system such as lymph stasis, lymph edema, and lymphotoxicosis. These individuals should consider regular treatments for cleansing the lymphatic system. After evaluation and observation of response from their treatment, a plan will be suggested.

A recent study (2002) showed between 27 and 130 known harmful chemical toxins stored in human fat. With a world as contaminated as ours, everyone can benefit from occasional lymph drainage.

About The Lymphatic System

The lymph and lymphatic organs are connected with the extra cellular fluid and takes care of nutrition to the cells and the removal of wastes from them. Therefore, regulation of the extra cellular fluid is part of every inflammation and immune defense process and all basic vital functions of the body. The wellspring of immunological defense is the lymphatic system.

Toxicity of the connective tissue and related lymphatics reduces their ability to act as a molecular sieve through which the entire metabolism to and from the cells has to penetrate. Since the lymphatic system is immeshed throughout the entire organism, vitality can be influenced by lymph detoxification. many unwanted immune reactions can be avoided by detoxification of the lymphatic system.

Long before pathology is observed, there are losses in functional integrity of the organ systems with increasing sensitivity to the environment and a gradual decrease in vitality. To understand the lymphatic disorders is to view the body as an energy system, composed of oscillations at various frequencies. When those oscillations are disturbed by “trapped lymph toxins,” faulty processes trigger a cascade of chaotic energetic molecular reactions. When synchronicity is thrown out of balance, performance efficiency suffers and illness results.

Effective care for individuals with immune disorders can be accomplished only with an understanding of how the immune system orchestrates the immune response in concert with the neurohormonal energetic system and the digestive system. The digestive system is both a protective barrier of defense and a system that provides nourishment to the immune system. The decline in pH and enzyme activity and poor dietary choices result in digestive leukocytosis, indigestion, and toxic bowels.
Toxic molecular complexes cause disturbances in the flow of energy throughout the body. Most illness is a result of sustained toxin damage and the organism is trying to compensate without full functional capacity. Unless old impregnated and toxic accumulations of proteins, transfatty acids and toxins are energetically and mechanically freed from the lymphatic and connective tissues, the individual will fail to energize their body even with proper diet, exercise, sunlight, and clean air.