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Foot Zone Therapy

What is Foot Zone Therapy?

Foot Zone Therapy is an alternative therapy based on anatomy, physiology, and pathology, which helps normalize body functions. It brings a homeo-dynamic balance to the client by stimulating the activity in different zones of the body. Please, for more information.

How Does Foot Zone Therapy work?

Foot Zone Therapy uses the ten meridians within the body to activate the body's defense systems. When a practitioner reaches a specific trigger point within the foot, a signal is sent up the meridian to a corresponding part of the anatomy. Receiving the signal, this part sends a message through the autonomic nervous system to the brain. The brain begins to work from our genetic blueprint rather than from the preexisting condition.
The foot is like a circuit board which has direct communications with the brain (the computer). From here signals are sent out to all the cells in the body. Dr. Ersdal sees the individual in ENTIRETY, as a Whole Person. A sick or diseased person is not a part of a person, so we must treat everyone holistically.

How is it administered?

The practitioner only uses their hands to work the trigger points within the feet, as tools are unnecessary. When pressing with the fingers, it triggers precise reactions within the zones. We follow a very specific pattern which thoroughly addresses the characteristics of each zone.

The Origin of Foot Zone Therapy

The signal system found in our feet has been known for five thousand years, used as a healing method in India and China. In Egypt, ancient paintings and hieroglyphs show the use of this same method. Dr. William Fitzgerald, an American nose and throat specialist (1872-1946) discovered that longitudinal zones in the body were connected with the face, hands and feet. In 1916, Dr. Edwin F. Browers published a report on Dr. Fibzgerald’s findings, which he named zone therapy. By the middle of the 1900’s, it had found its way to the Scandinavian countries.  Norwegian Charles Ersdal, MD MA was cured from paralysis with these techniques. Because he found that all who tried the treatment did not get the same beneficial results, he started to carry out an intense research on these methods.

How Was This Therapy Developed?

Dr. Ersdal’s research lead to the key of the ancient healing method, the original FootZoneTherapy. According to his findings, the treatment corresponds to the circulation of the blood and the energy flows. It covers:
Blood Circulation Lymph Circulation Hormone Balance Digestion/Assimilation Elimination Autonomic Nervous System.
in order to restore the body to full health.
In 1969, Dr. Ersdal began intense research at the Clinic for Alternative Medicine in Kristiansand, Norway, where he developed valuable information and knowledge about how our innate signal system works and how it should be used in t therapy. He has documented over ten thousand case histories responding to FootZoneTherapy and brought us back to this ancient healing method, which is actually built into our bodies.

Is Foot Zone Therapy Reflexology?

Though its origin was in reflexology, FootZoneTherapy has been found to be a signal system rather than a reflex system.

The Foot Zone Therapy Treatment

A treatment is 30-40 minutes in duration. When an area (organ, function, or system) is out of balance, the client may experience temporary discomfort, as the signal is being triggered. Since the body has its own agenda for healing, results may vary depending on the individual. Five treatments are suggested over a two month period as a general “body tune-up”. Chronic or acute conditions must be treated on an individual basis.

Treatments are suggested every 7-10 days.