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Colon Reflorastation Therapy

This treatment is designed so that the body's elimination system, when properly maintained is more capable of healing itself and supporting the body in its daily functions. Healthy elimination is of utmost importance so that wastes are expelled regularly and efficiently. Maintaining a clean, healthy-functioning, rebalanced colon is one key to vibrant health. This is accomplished by: 1) cleansing the colon of toxins and fecal material, 2) reestablishing a slightly acidic (pH of 5.7-6.9) environment in the colon, 3) implanting a proper acidophilus strain of sufficient amount to reclaim the area, and 4) nourishing this new intestinal flora with proper nutrition. The normal flora of the gastrointestinal tract contains diverse groups of microorganisms. Several research studies have shown that bowel reflorastation through rectal infusion of these lactic acid producing microorganisms play an important role in the health of the majority of the patients. For questions, please.

Benefits of Reflorastation

The proliferation of healthy intestinal flora in the colon have shown numerous benefits for overall health. A bowel colonized with healthy flora will maintain a proper pH, will utilize the vitamins, minerals, and proteins present, will stimulate the formation of antibodies which support a strong immune system, and will bind the toxic elements in the fecal material. When a person is ill, there is usually an involvement with the colon since the body's homeostasis has been disrupted. Every organ and part of the body can become poisoned when the intestines are functioning insufficiently. Food poisoning and intestinal flu also upset the balance of healthy flora. In addition, when antibiotics are used for treatment of disease, harmful and beneficial bacteria are both destroyed. With the destruction of the beneficial bacteria, the colon changes from an acidic to alkaline state. This weakens the immune system and increases the toxicity of the entire body.

Things To Consider

Normal vs. Healthy

Healthy elimination is (preferably) twice daily without straining. To the average American, normal elimination might be daily, but more often 4 to 5 times a week. For a few, once or twice a week is normal and then only with laxatives. Yet, the medical profession's definition of constipation is “less than three bowel movements per week.” Is this healthy? Not only is daily elimination important, but it is also important to have a bowel transit time of 17 - 24 hours. Transit time is the time from ingestion of food to it's elimination. Through awareness of the problem and changes in life-styles habits, combined with reestablishing a proper bacterial environment, healthy elimination can be regained.

What About Laxatives?

Laxatives, whether synthetic or herbal, result in a dependency of greater usage and often irritate the liver. By having to pass through the small intestines, they may interfere with the digestion and absorption of nutrients and these vital functions should not be interfered with.

Chronic Constipation

When a person presents with chronic constipation or is extremely toxic, one colonic is suggested, and is administered just before the reflorastation. Disposable hoses and speculum are always used which eliminates any risk of transferring a condition from one person to another. The speculum (which is inserted into the rectum) is the size of an average adult's index finger. Filtered water, ranging in temperature from 96 to 104 degrees is used. The warmer water relaxes spastic colons and relieves muscle spasms whereas the cooler water reduces swollen tissues and improves the muscle tone of a flaccid, loose colon. The machine (Dierker Apparatus) promotes peristalsis with the gravity inflow and negative pressure outflow. This is a closed system so that the waste hose carries off these materials. The total time for the treatment is 60 minutes. The reflorastation needs to the held for at least one hour or overnight. It is easily retained since it is 2 ounces in size yet having over 50 billion vital bacteria.

Colitis, Crohn's and IBS/IBD

Bowel reflorastation has demonstrated positive benefits for many individuals presenting with Colitis or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Unless the individual is in a 'constipation' phase of their diagnosis, colon irrigation is not recommended as they can aggravate the spasms in the lower digestive tract. Weekly reflorastation (up to five treatments) helps to reestablish proper intestinal flora thereby relieving symptoms.


This treatment is as needed, with frequency of treatments dependent on the reactions of the individual. The more frequent the treatment, the more rapid will be the detoxification, and also the more severe the reactions. Care must be exercised to balance these two factors.


Colon irrigation combined with bowel reflorastation after the administration of an appropriate parasite cleanse supports the eradication of parasites.  It is suggested to administer the treatment between days 21 and 24 or the cleanse thereby removing the remaining parasites and nests from the large intestines.  The reflorastation sets up an environment non-conducive to their return.

Colonics and Reflorastation

You can understand why it is not just a simple matter of washing loose material lying inside the colon.  There is a need to reestablish healthy intestines.  The acidophilus or lactobacilli (friendly bacteria) have been destroyed by taking antibiotics, improper eating habits, constipation and/or diarrhea, parasites, intestinal infections, etc.  When this bacteria is injected by mouth, it is destroyed by our digestive juices.  Only 2-5% ever make the 22 foot journey from the stomach to the colon.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

Treatments are given individually, (not as a series.), with repeats when necessary. For individuals with a history of bowel problems, it is recommended that they repeat the treatment every four to six months. For anyone interested in preventative care, it is recommended that they repeat the treatment twice yearly.

At Home Colon Reflorastation Kits

Alternatively, you may choose to self-administer these powerful probiotics in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

We offer very easy and simple to use Colon Reflorastation At Home Kit.

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