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At Home Colon Reflorastation Kits

If traveling to our offices is inconvenient or impossible, we also offer these easy in-home reflorastation kits that are simple and convenient to self-admininster in the privacy of your own home.


Simple and very easy to use in the
privacy of your own home.

What Is Colon Reflorastation?

Colon Reflorastation is the introduction of a healthy intestinal bacteria supplement into the rectum with a retention enema. This delivers a warm liquid probiotic formula of healthy bacteria into the sigmoid flexure of the colon. After one hour of retention, it will colonize the bowel then, three days later, it will be stablized. This health procedure is designed to reinforce the homeodynamic balance of the bowel flora.


Never have I seen a treatment of any modality render so much benefit to so many people. This is definitely a therapeutic advancement. Skin rashes have cleared up, energy has increased, bowels have normalized, abdominal discomfort
has diminished, arthritis
has been alleviated.
- A. Ber, M.D., Explore! Vol 5 #1, 1994

I am very thankful that you came to Switzerland. We use your method of reflorastation very frequently and successfully.
- Thomas Rau, M.D.. Paracelsus Clinic, Switzerland

Who Might Need This?

Many individuals have taken antibiotics, had food poisoning, or intestinal flu. When traveling in foreign countries, we are exposed to conditions with which our bodies are unfamiliar. These situations disrupt the normal intestinal flora. Fermentation in the intestines causes increased bloating and flatulence. Putrefaction in the intestines is indicated by odorous flatulence and stools. By supplementing the intestinal flora with a variety of lactobacillus, we replace what might have been destroyed or disrupted. It is beneficial to repeat this twice yearly unless other conditions dictate more frequent application. Your physician or health care professional can discuss your individual concerns.

Possible Reactions

In the first three days, 20% of the individuals experience some reaction, such as a change in the color of the stool (yellow is a liver response, army green is a bile response), mucous may be present, or an increase in flatulence (gas) for a few hours. Generally, within three days, there is easier and more healthy elimination (ease in defecation, reduction in gas and bloating). Consult your physician if you have any concerns.

Procedure Information

This procedure is done after a bowel movement, following a colon hydrotherapy, or with loose stools. During the procedure, there will be a “false” sense of needing to move the bowels. Due to the small quantity of fluid, it is easy for most individuals to retain the reflorastation. It is best to retain the bacteria for a minimum of one hour, as it is during this time that the bacteria will colonize the large intestine. After an hour, if needed, one may evacuate their bowels. In the first three days, the bowel bacteria will stabilize, returning the homeodynamic balance to the bowel.


The primary importance of the reflorastation is to restore the colon’s bacteria to its healthy and normal state. Many have reported an improvement in bowel function, including resolving chronic constipation. It has given relief to irritable bowel problems, reducing pain and bloating. The functions of the large intestine are many. When the dynamics are at an optimum, then the production of certain nutrients is enhanced, the absorption of vitamins and minerals is increased, and the binding of toxins for elimination is advanced.

IMPORTANT: This product/procedure is NOT intended to
diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

At Home Colon Kits

Disposable Single Application
(professional strength):

One kit $35.
Two kits: $66.
Five kits: $125.
(+ USPS Priority)

Refrigerate until needed.
Healthy intestinal flora are viable
for 18 months when kept refrigerated.


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