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“Although others can assist in the healing process,
the only true healer of ourselves... is ourselves.”

Have you asked yourself: “What can I actually do? And what is it going to cost me?” Imagine finding relief, perhaps, complete and total freedom from pain.

No more symptoms or, perhaps, dramatically fewer symptoms, for:

That’s why this site has lots of unique information. To educate, inform and disseminate knowledge for you. Alternative treatments? Are they legitimate? Increase vitality? How?

Methods presented here apply holistic, natural and therapeutic treatments; focused on improved digestion, healthy elimination, purification, cleansing, rejuvenation and regeneration of the body as a whole system. Check out this article:

“What You See Is What You Ate!”
Explore! Volume 18, Number 4, 2009

When one thinks about it, good fuel makes our cars run well. Likewise, taking care of digestion and assimilation can do the same for us.

You Gotta Have GUTS!

Accelerate your education with You Gotta Have GUTS. 20 chapters: short
enough to read easily, packed full of information that has changed the lives
of thousands. “A must read” says, Bruce Shelton, MD

So, we can learn “what to do” and “why” but then we also need practical application.

One doesn’t need to have a problem to take a preventive approach. There are things we can do to just feel better and know we’ve done something positive.

We do things all the time for prevention: brushing our teeth is one effective method to prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease. Likewise, doing internal cleansing has similar merit for keeping our bodies at optimum health.

How can this be done?

Although natural therapies are not specifically designed to treat disease, the result of supporting the immune system has brought about the elimination of symptoms in various conditions. Clostridium difficile (C-diff), candida or yeast, pseudomembranous colitis from clostridia bacteria, even Crohn’s has responded favorably to Reflorastation Therapy. This can be a powerfully positive and effective way to manage and reduce difficult symptoms.

What about body pain?

Sciatica, low back pain, neck and shoulder pain, headaches including migraines, and frozen shoulders. Gentle treatments can offer wonderful relief and often resolution. Since “function follows structure”, Bowmann’s Bowen is a gentle treatment to unravel the stress and trauma that occurs. This is available as a treatment as well as a teaching DVD.

One thing I like to remember is that most answers to body problems aren’t multiple choice unless the choice is “most of the above.” There are always multifaceted things to consider.

Energy? Balance? As our world moves forward in the understanding of energy, we can use this cutting-edge knowledge to our advantage. Small things can have lots of power, and learning how to use them, can make our body stronger. Let’s have more fun because we have the energy; we tap the energy.

Let’s remember the body is a temple to be cared for and cherished.
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services, become empowered to be the natural healer you already are!

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