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Spiritual Healers in Practice

At some point in each of our lives, I believe that we seek to know how miracle healings occur, to whom, how and why. Perhaps it is best understood that to study spiritual healers is not to learn what techniques they employed. Rather it is to awaken what’s already within you because spiritual healing is a gift of the Spirit. It is what each of us has come in with, whether or not we have the awareness. However, the different external things we do, such as meditation, or contemplation, will bring it to the surface.

William A. Tiller, Ph.D. is one of the world’s leading scientists on the structure of matter. As a professor at Stanford with over 30 years in the Department of Material Science, he details a viable larger perspective and framework. A few years ago, he presented at the Arizona Homeopathic and Integrative Medical Association (AHIMA). In his presentation on subtle energies, he showed people how to use their own intentionality to bring about beneficial changes in their own bodies. He expressed to the physicians and health practitioners the importance of their own intentions when entering their treatment room and attendance to their respective patients. We are ever mindful to combine the science and art of our medicine, procedures, and therapies with the consciousness of the larger perspective of spiritual consciousness. Let’s think of our intentions in this way: “The wrong treatment in the hands of the right practitioner could be beneficial. The right treatment in the hands of the wrong practitioner might not work. However, the right treatment in the hands of a practitioner with the right intentions could work miracles.”

Edgar Cayce
(1877 to 1945)

My journey as a student of health started with an introduction to Edgar Cayce1, the sleeping prophet. As a child, he told his parents he could see visions, although his family attributed this to an overactive imagination. For forty three years of his adult life he was able to enter some form of self-induced sleep state, which allowed him to place his mind in contact with all time and space. His response to questions asked of him became know as “readings”. This information has provided practical help from maintaining a well-balanced diet, to overcoming life threatening illnesses and finding a closer walk with God.

Olga Worrall
(1906 to 1985)

The more I studied health, the more fascinated I became with healers. The next was Olga Worrall2, a Canadian born Methodist faith healer, often considered the most famous spiritual healer of the 20th century. She often expounded on the importance of the healer’s intention as well as staying neutral so that the healing energy of God could flow through her. She also had visions which allowed her to see those who had passed through the veil we call death, used the laying on of hands to heal people, and expressed the importance of active prayer for those in our thoughts.

Cabeza de Vaca
(1490 to 1556)

One evening I happened upon a TV program about Cabeza de Vaca3 the Spanish explorer and soldier, who had endured an unsuccessful mission to the new world. A handful survived the expedition, only to be taken in by Indians. The mixed blessing they faced was: in order to be fed, or even allowed to live, they must cure the sick within the tribe. Cabeza de Vaca gradually awakened to the psychic and spiritual nature of the world, tapped a healing ability, and not only healed others, but taught his fellow explorers the secrets to spiritual healing.

Mary Baker Eddy
(1821 to 1910)

Next I explored the metaphysical realm, which included Mary Baker Eddy4, the founder of Christian Science. Having suddenly recovered from a serious injury in 1866, she began to formulate the ideas and thoughts on healing which coordinated with the teaching of scriptures. The reading rooms are filled with documentation of the numerous healings brought about by the Practitioners’ prayer work which holds a single focus on Truth and Prayer.

Joel S. Goldsmith
(1892 to 1964)

Joel S. Goldsmith5 was deeply touched as a youth when a Christian Science Practitioner prayed for his father who wasn’t expected to live. Not only did his dad survive, but he thrived for several more decades. Joel’s spiritual journey through Christian Science eventually ended and evolved into his personal understanding of God and consciousness. He is considered a monumental teacher of practical mysticism and is best known under the name of the Infinite Way. His method of practical prayer, called “Practicing the Presence” is the most useful I have applied. Several other branches of metaphysics developed an active form of prayer which often had a greater than average percentage of success in changing conditions and circumstances in one’s life.

Bruno Groening (1906 to 1959)

However, in December 2007, I stopped into the office of Abram Ber, M.D.(H.). He had just received a fax from a colleague which spoke about Bruno Groening (footnote 6), a faith healer who rose to prominence after WWII in Germany. Since there was a conflict in the doctor’s schedule, I was asked to attend the Circle of Friends Introductory lecture to see what it was all about.

There was an inner drawing to this meeting which was confirmed when I looked at the pamphlet entitled Help and Healing the Spiritual Way through the teachings of Bruno Groening. This pamphlet spoke about: “There is no incurable, God is the greatest physician.” I gazed upon his picture and the depth of the eyes drew me in.

The community leader spoke about his life. His life was filled with challenges because others did not understand his gift. The first evidence of this spiritual gift was at his own birth. His mother had experienced very difficult childbirth with her first three pregnancies. However, Bruno’s birth was easy, without incidence, and his mother was up soon after the delivery. As a child, he was frequently ridiculed and outcast by his environment’s hard heartiness, so he stayed close to nature and animals. These animals were often healed just by his presence or touch. Even wild animals followed him to receive healing.

During WWII he found himself forced into the German army. He was threatened with a court martial because of his stand to hit or kill no one and his unwillingness to carry a gun. He spent time in a Russian prison camp as a prisoner of war where the conditions were worse than that of the care of livestock.

It was after the war that his spiritual talents publicly emerged. Invited to the Hulsmann home in Herford in 1949, he healed their son Dieter, who was confined to bed with muscular atrophy. As news of the healing spread, up to 5000 people daily gathered outside the house seeking healing from their illnesses and suffering. They journeyed from all over Germany, Europe and even the United States.

He later was a guest at a home in Traberhof in Munich where as many as 30,000 individuals came by foot, on trains and in cars, seeking healing. Physicians came and observed the healings: the crippled threw down their canes and rose from their wheelchairs, hearing returned to the deaf and the blind regained their sight. It was indeed an experience of “Nothing is Incurable.”

Groening himself said: “I do not work the way a person thinks I should. I act in exact accordance with the way I receive this gift, and I do not receive it from humans. This I must make quite clear. As I receive it from God Himself, I cannot change this and this is why I don’t do so.” His work is spiritual as he acts as a mediator of Divine energy to people who, once they have been suitably prepared, can absorb it and regain their health. Even though his messages seemed quite simple, he taught the importance of rejecting evil and sin, and focusing on God and good.

The simplicity of his message was: “I am permitted to help a person find the path to righteousness but I may not make this decision for him or force him towards it. Everyone must find the way alone.” It is a person’s duty to convince themselves. He considered himself much like a transformer. Just as a powerful radio transmitter can span huge distances of three-dimensional space, a powerful spiritual transmitter can bridge vast distances on the plane of consciousness. He had this knowledge and ability to tune into the divine flow.

Just like today, where there is strong opposition to the integrative medical approaches we embrace, the political figures of the time began persecution of Bruno Groening which he endured throughout his lifetime. Germany had the “healing practitioner law” which forbade him to do healings without proper medical doctor’s license. He experienced numerous law suits and did not live to see the outcome of the final one. Even though he died in 1959, he prophesied: “Everyone has to die, so do I, but I will not be dead. And when someone calls me, I will come and continue to help, if it is God’s will.” Like a power cord, we can ask to plug into Bruno and he will assist in our connection until we are practiced in the exercise to plug ourselves into the Divine. Our daily activities burn up this vital energy so it is imperative that we recharge spiritually on a twice daily basis.

He spoke of seeking God within your own religion as he did not desire to start a new religion. Today, the Circle of Friends Community Hours are in over 70 countries world wide, for people of all nations, religions and levels of society. They were started to bring individuals together to experience the Heilstrom in a group since the energy is much stronger when several or many are gathered together with a singleness of purpose.

The Medical Scientific Group is over 5000 members strong being composed of medical doctors, veterinarians, psychologists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, chiropractors, nurses, physical therapists, and many of varied holistic disciplines. These trained professionals document the numerous healings. The conditions are too vast to list, however Matthias Kamp, the medical director of this group has published Healing the Spiritual Way Through the Teachings of Bruno Groening.

The purity of this group is demonstrated by the all volunteer organization. Each position within the Circle of Friends, the publishing house for School Letters, the Journal of the Medical Scientific Group is all done by volunteers. No one receives money for their efforts. It is considered an honor to serve as gratitude for the tremendous healings one receives. Not only are their physical healings, but financial, legal and business healings as well.

Many individuals have placed a picture of Bruno Groening on the area of concern to experience healing. Cynthia is a member of the Phoenix-Tempe Circle of Friends Community in Arizona. She had what the doctor suspected was cancer in the breast, and was casting a shadow in the MRI. She received a picture of Bruno which she put in her bra during the daytime. She would take it out at night and then return it in the morning and say: “Come on Bruno, it’s time to get some work done.” She could always feel where the energy was flowing because of her 30 years of meditation as a Zen nun.

She returned to the doctor 12 days after the MRI. A sonogram/ultrasound was taken and 3 biopsies. In the first one they found a little thing that could be easily handled. In the second one, which had the shadow, they couldn’t find anything. The third was completely benign and soft. She is continuing to ask for God’s healing and do Einstellen daily. How to do Einstellen:

During the community hour, we did an exercise called Einstellen which is the tuning in to the divine force. This is much like tuning a radio into the channel one wishes to enjoy. Our goal, in this music driven, although silent exercise, is to experience the Heilstrom. Heil is a German word for Holy, whole, healthy and strom means stream or current.

It is important to sit with your feet flat on the floor, your hands on top of your thighs with the palms up. This is considered an open position. If one needs to lean against the back of a chair it is allowed, although sitting away from the chair is preferred since the spine acts like an antenna. Now visualize a trash can near your feet. Play some inspiring music such as a classical piece, at least until you are able to use one which the Circle of Friends volunteers have recorded. Close your eyes if you wish, gently breath in god and exhale your thoughts into the imaginary trash can; thoughts of evil, sin, fear, or things not of God. Ask Bruno to plug you into the healing stream of God. Continue this exercise for up to 15 minutes. It is suggested to repeat this morning and evening. Many members choose 9 AM and 9 PM for this tuning in time creates a spiritual frequency which encircles our planet.

During this practice, many experience a tingling sensation, or perhaps warmth and energy within their body. Sometimes it comes from our feet upward, other times it comes through the top of our heads downward. Whether or not you experience a physical sensation, continue with this practice until you do. It is acceptable to ask specifically for healing, however, do not give power to any symptoms. According to Bruno, these are “Regulung” which is a cleansing process in the body that can also express itself as pain. It is important to continue with Einstellen daily to recharge our spirit with God’s healing wave and divine force. This is not less important than eating nutritious meals daily and sleeping sufficiently on a nightly basis.

If we believe that we are multidimensional beings composed of body, mind and spirit, then having a spiritual discipline such as this recommended by Bruno Groening is important. In fact, when difficulties are turned over in this manner, miraculous solutions appear. Conclusion:

Perhaps what sets Bruno Groening apart from other spiritual healers in the continuation of the healings even after his physical death. Other spiritual healers such as those mentioned in the beginning of this article have used prayer or the laying on of hands as the avenue through which healings for others have occurred. However, after their death, there is little evidence of continued healings. In some cases, the discipline to learn their methodology is laborious and only accomplished by a few dedicated followers.

In contrast, the medical documentation of spiritual healings attributed to those who practice Einstellen until receiving the Heilstrom continues to grow. The Circle of Friends is worldwide as the website is translated into 29 languages.

It is still important to practice the healing modalities to which we have each been properly trained. In addition to my twice daily practice of Einstellen as taught by Bruno Groening, I have incorporated a moment of Heilstrom into my practice, by pausing before entering my treatment room, holding an intention, connecting to God, the greatest physician, and then beginning my work. It is also important to direct our patients in the realization of their physical, mental and spiritual being.

I have studied Bruno Groening’s teachings by reading the following books. Here is the Truth about Bruno Groening by Grete Hausler, A Revolution in Medicine by Dr. Med. Matthias Kamp, Healing the Spiritual Way by Dr. Med. Matthias Kamp, and The Work of Bruno Groening During His Lifetime and Today by Thomas Eich. I have also been consistent in my attendance at the Circle of Friends Community Hours, and consciously apply these teachings. I have seen numerous situations resolve and heal in loving peaceful ways. Bruno said that is it not a matter of IF something can be healed, but rather when. With consistent practice, we can transform our lives into great happiness and receive God’s rich blessings.

  1. The Sleeping Prophet by Jess Stern
  2. The Gift of Healing: A Personal Story of Spiritual Therapy by Ambrose and Olga Worrall
  3. The Marvelous Adventure of Cabeza de Vaca by Haniel Long
  4. Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy
  5. The Art of Spiritual Healing by Joel S Goldsmith
  6. A Revolution in Medicine by Matthias Kamp, M.D. and Here is the Truth about Bruno Groening by Grete Hausler
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