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Spa Hydrotherapy

Spa Hydrotherapy is a luxurious bath that utilizes Far Infrared Heating, Ozone in the form of ambient air, Natural Ultrasound and Negative Ions. This helps to unbuckle toxins and pollutants within the body and release them into the circulation. This treatment supports deep cleansing, beauty and body contouring, the equivalent of a full body massage as well as internal warming the body to detoxify the tissues. Please, for more information.

The Benefits Of Spa Hydrotherapy

This hydrotherapy spa delivers the natural ultrasound, ozone, negative ions and far infrared directly into the water through an energized soft pad.

Natural Ultrasound

The high power main unit delivers 46 liters of air per second. (Most units produce approximately 24 liters.) This delivery generates more than 1 million powerful small bubbles per minute continuously colliding with each other and producing high frequency (Hertz) natural ultrasound energy that warms up the body from within, creates a total body massage, deep cleansing, beautifies and contours the body and induces an exercise effect.

Far Infrared Heating

Using advanced technology missing natural bio-energy material with the soft pad, natural far infrared energy is released, which energizes the water and breaks the water into smaller clusters, thereby improving the cleaning efficiency and internal warming. This is a vibrational infrared (not heat); which heats the body form the inside out. This moves toxins outward to be released in the urine, stool and thru the skin.

Ozone O3 and Negative Ions

The high quality corona discharge circuit produces an overage of 0.06 ppm of ozone, capable of eliminating odors and bacteria, removes chemicals, improves air and water quality, and helps in the process of cleaning. The unit also delivers 5,000 negative ions per liter that helps freshen the air in the room, similar to the air found in our forests. This form of ambient air kills anything living on the skin such as fungus, bacteria, and virus. Imagine your skin having a satiny feeling after the treatment. It does.

More About Far Infrared Rays

Far infrared rays are parts of the sunlight. Beside the visible rays with which we can discriminate colors in the spectrum (red thru violet), the sun also emits the invisible rays. One of the invisible rays is the far infrared ray; which is beyond the red in the spectrum. The far infrared rays have attracted reseachers’ attention because of their marvelous effect to human beings. They penetrate into our body and heats us up from the inside out. Heat is spread outwards by conduction in bones and convection in tissue fluids.

This growing warmth dilates blood vessels and fine capillaries to improve circulation thus facilitating removal of impurities and the influx of nutrients. When far infra radiation strikes molecules, the vibration of these molecules will become more intense and creates a resonant effect throughout the body. This leads to increased energy.

More About Ozone

Ozone by its meaning is Greek, is “to smell” (ozein) pure and fresh air. Ozone, other than preventing large percentages of harmful ultraviolet radiation from reaching earth’s surface, also attempts to clean the air. Since ozone is heavier than air by 1.3 times, ozone is always descending slowly onto the earth’s surface as well.

During its descent, it attacks pollutants produced by industrialization and urbanization, Therefore ozone constantly cleans the air. Hydrogen peroxide H2O2, the partner to ozone is more properly called ‘oxygen water’ since it is in water with an extra oxygen molecule. It is found in water and snow, in fresh fruit and vegetables, with which it assists our immune system to destroy bacteria, virus, and fungi.

About the session

The Spa Hydrotherapy is a 15 – 20 minute bath. There are 5 positions that can be incorporated into the bath: sit, squat, prone, side and back. Full immersion is encouraged.

The treatment cost is $35 per session or $150 for a series of 5 sessions; which may be used over a 90 day period.