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Weight Loss Isn’t About Will Power

Published in AZ Networking News Oct-Nov Issue 2003

We have a mechanism in our brain which controls how our bodies choose to store fat. This developed thousands and thousands of years ago when 3 meals a day wasn’t a reality or a possibility. If we are in a famine or starvation mode, our brain sends signals telling the body to store energy in the form of fat for future use. However, if we are in a feasting mode, then the “perceived” risk of starvation is gone and our brain is then willing to expend this stored energy.

I like to call these two mechanisms: “starve and store” and “feast and burn fat”.

Many individuals do not understand the importance of keeping the blood sugar levels balanced. When our blood sugar fluctuates sharply or even moderately, we are set up to reach for food which may be harmful to our weight loss program. Some of the symptoms which present themselves during drops in blood sugar include cravings for sweets and constant hunger. Related disorders include indigestion, obesity, nutritional deficiencies, and malabsorption.

A secondary problem with blood sugar fluctuations is abnormal protein and carbohydrate metabolism as well as poor adrenal function. These circumstances make us feel tired and lethargic, possibly reaching for caffeine, sugar or other stimulants to keep us going.

Key nutrients for the brain are vital. Certain amino acids are essential as are B vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids, various vitamins, and minerals. Our brain never sleeps and uses 20 percent of the body’s energy and 25 percent of all oxygen inhaled. It is only when these key nutrients are available that the brain can manufacture the hundreds of chemicals and neurotransmitters which affect moods, produce natural pain killers, natural tranquilizers and natural appetite suppressant.

When a person is armed with the knowledge of how to maintain healthy brain chemistry and level blood sugar, to "trick" our brain into thinking it is constantly "feasting", our cravings reduce and we are able to effectively burn that fat away. It is during these times that our “will power” is intact and we can make healthy choices which promote increased energy, well being and success in our weight loss program.

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About the Author

Victoria Bowmann, D.H.M., Ph.D., earned her doctorate in homeopathic medicine from the British Institute of Homeopathy and her Ph.D. in homeopathy and natural medicine from Westbrook University from Wierton, WV. She has been in private practice in Phoenix AZ since 1978 specializing in detoxification, cleansing, and the process of increased well being.