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Gutsy Local Health Expert Spills All about Importance of Gastro-Intestinal Care

Dr. Victoria Bowmann releases new book, You Gotta Have Guts: The Natural Way to Enhance GI Health

PHOENIX, Ariz. (May 29, 2009) - This week Dr. Victoria Bowmann&Q, a pioneer in probiotic research and the benefits of detoxification,  releases her first book, titled You Gotta Have GUTS, an explanation of the inner workings of the human digestive system and its important role in overall wellbeing. An owner’s manual for the health-conscious individual, the book details the composition of the intestinal tract and how to effectively, and holistically, maintain digestive health.

Good-humored and enlightening, You Gotta Have GUTS will entertain even the most apprehensive readers, educating them about the generally unpleasant topic of the human digestive system, its constituents, and functionality. Interlaced with Bowmann’s avant-garde research on the method of “Reflorastation,” the process of reintroducing healthy bacteria into the colon, is vital information on overall gastro-intestinal health including:

  • Physical characteristics, functions, and possible complications
  • Proper nutrition and exercises
  • Bacteria, parasites, and environmental toxins
  • Dealing with chronic illness
  • At home remedies
  • Documentation and research for physicians

“Most people don’t fully understand the importance of a healthy bowel,” explains Bowmann, “In fact, many people still feel slightly embarrassed or uncomfortable seeking information on the topic because it’s perceived as ‘yucky.’  With colon cancer on the rise, it’s time to alter this sentiment.  The purpose of my book is to educate and encourage everyone to take a proactive approach.  Quite simply, gastro-intestinal health is fundamental to overall health and longevity.”

For more information on Dr. Victoria Bowmann or to purchase You Gotta Have Guts visit:  The book will be featured at VisionQuest Metaphysical Bookstore on May 29, 2009.


Dr. Victoria Bowmann received her PhD in homeopathy and natural medicine from Westbrook University as well as a doctorate in homeopathic medicine from the British Institute of Homeopathy. She is also a certified massage and colon therapist in the state of Arizona. Bowmann is a regular contributor to several national publications, has been interviewed on television and radio, and has delivered numerous presentations internationally. She has personally trained colon technicians and wrote a widely used training manual on reflorastation of the colon. Her private practice is located in Phoenix, Ariz., and Bowmann lives by the motto, “Happiness is a choice.”

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